Parent Support

Learn how parents can help support PRIDE Time opportunities for students.

PRIDE Time - Parent Support

    1. Students will be entering their requests, through FlexiSched, for PRIDE time every Monday. Please consider working with your student to check grades and assessments. Encourage them to attend PRIDE sessions that meet their academic needs.
    2. Have open communication with students on balance between extra-curriculars and using the time to complete academic work.
    3. Students are required to attend PRIDE time; failure to do so will be treated as a skipped class truancy and, at a minimum, students involved in extra-curricular activities will not be permitted to attend that day. The only exception to missing PRIDE time applies to those students enrolled in a Scott Community College (SCC) course during PRIDE time. Note: If the SCC class meets Mon and Wed during PRIDE, students are excused on Mon and Wed but are expected to attend PRIDE on Tues, Thurs and Fri.
    4. Encourage students to seek enrichment opportunities to further develop skills or interests.
    5. Reach out to BHS staff with any questions or concerns.
    6. Consider volunteering during PRIDE time to provide tutoring, class presentations, career exploration or other topics for which you have an expertise and can positively impact the learning, college and career planning for BHS students. Please email or to communicate an interest in supporting PRIDE time.