Teacher Expectations

What teachers need to know about PRIDE Time.

Teacher Expectations

  1. Teachers will list in FlexiSched what they are offering for each week prior to the opening of the scheduling window. PRIDE time offerings will be cleared each Friday after completion of PRIDE Time. The teacher planning window will be open Friday’s at 2:30 P.M. until Monday’s at 7:45 A.M.
  2. Every teacher is expected to provide academic support or enrichment during each PRIDE Time. If they are co-teaching or assisting another Pride offering, they should place 0 in their max seats and list what they are doing for a description.
  3. Teachers will request students for PRIDE Time based on the PRIDE offering they have planned. Please be respectful: if a student you need has already been requested, please do not request that student unless you have received permission from the other teacher to make the change.
    Priority Levels: Intervention | Teacher Request | Group Request | Student Choice
  4. Students may have also chosen to be in a teachers room based on what PRIDE offering has been scheduled. Teachers need to plan for a maximum number of students who can be scheduled. Default advisory students can be added when the schedule window closes.
  5. Teachers can request students throughout the week. Just make sure to click the email student button to notify them of changes.
  6. Every teacher is expected to hold every student accountable. Students should not be allowed to just enter another classroom unless they have been scheduled to be there. Staff must expect students in their supervision to be working on academic responsibilities or reading.
  7. The majority of teachers will not be available because they will be re-teaching/enriching concepts to requested students. The students should stay with that teacher scheduled the entire period unless a phone call occurs between two teachers who may be sharing a student.
  8. Any student who has been requested is expected to go to that teacher on the requested days. The office will be notified if a student did not go and the absence will be treated as a skipped class truancy.
  9. Students should not be allowed in the hall unless they have a pass and if they are moving to another teacher, the teacher must have been notified. (Please communicate with one another if you are sharing a student during PRIDE Time)
  10. If you have a student who needs to take a test or quiz, please schedule them for the testing center and make sure the test is sent to Sharon Woodworth 24 hours in advance if possible. If this is an IEP student who needs the accommodation of having a test read, please notify Sharon so that we can make sure we have staff available.
  11. Pride Offering are coded as follows:
    • White - Content Support
    • Yellow - Study Area
    • Blue - Enrichment
    • Green - Intervention
    • Red - Assessment

Building PRIDE Offerings that are always available:

PRIDE Offering


Staff Supervisor

Max Students

Testing Center

Testing Center

Sharon Woodworth

Quiet Study


Jessica Campione and Kedric Prince




Christina Linville


*** We will have paraeducators available for help, please contact the main office for this support***