BHS Ranks 21st in the State of Iowa - 45 Students Earn AP Scholar Awards

BHS Ranks 21st in the State of Iowa - 45 Students Earn AP Scholar Awards

Oct 06, 2016


Current BHS students selected as AP Scholars
Row 1 - Alycia, Damani-Ladha, Bridget Quesnell, Joseph Frommelt, Damaris Stroker
Row 2 - Madison Kling, Isabelle Kussatz, Juila Krist, Kiana Castro, Annel Lueth, Molly Seybert
Row 3 - Samuel Snow, Travis Hazelett, Raul Lopez, Donovan Klutho
Row 4 - Michael Pyevich, Michael Baer, Dillon Tabares, Zachary Bunn, Kathleen Byrne, Olivia Gasper
Not Pictured - Alexis Behrens, Allysa Gallagher, Andrew Haffarnan, Robert Norwood

BHS Ranks 21st in the State of Iowa
45 Students Earn AP Scholar Awards

Bettendorf High School recently ranked #21 in the Iowa AP Index for the Top 50 Schools for 2014-2015 by the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education, the 10th time it has achieved such an honor since the Belin-Blank Center began rating schools in 2005. In 2014-15, the school year in which AP data was used for the ranking, Bettendorf High School students took a total of 370 Advanced Placement Exams.

This past year, 46 Bettendorf High School students earned AP Scholar designation for their exceptional achievement on the Advanced Placement Exams.

BHS Scholar with Distinction Recipients: Joseph Frommelt and Katherine Braught

BHS Scholar with Honors Recipients: Michael Baer, Anna Baker, Emily Ballard, Ian Beck, Zachary Bunn, Andrew Doyle, Travis Hazelett, Jacob Hintermeister, Haley Humphrey, Donovan Klutho, Cara Mastanduno, Amanda Matthews

BHS AP Scholars: Alexis Behrens, Claire Bryant, Kathleen Byrne, Kiana Castro, Alycia Damani-Ladha, Elliott Evans, Jacob Flynn, Allysa Gallagher, Olivia Gasper, Andrew Haffarnan, Max Hollis, Taylor Khoury, Madison Kling, Julia Krist, Isabelle Kussatz, Blaire Logan, Raul Lopez, Annel Leuth, Benjamin McDaniel, Lucas Miller, Grant Nickles, Robert Norwood, Bailey Pribyl, Michael Pyevich, Bridget Quesnell, Molly Seybert, Samuel Snow, Anastasia Sperling, Damaris Stroker, John Sullivan, Dillon Tabares, Jacob Wehr

The College Board AP Program provides motivated and academically prepared students the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school and earn college credit and/or advanced placement for successful performance on the AP Exams.

The AP was developed by the College Board and is one of the most successful and respected academic programs in the nation. The exams provide a uniform standard of academic accomplishment across geography, economic status, ethnicity, and school size. AP examinations cover 37 subject areas and each is scored on a scale of 1-5, with 5 considered top-level work (a grade equivalent of an "A") in a corresponding college course. A score of 3 or better is often accepted for either college credit or placement. In 2015-2016, 62% of the AP students from Bettendorf High School scored a 3 or higher.

Although many students take one AP class, there are numerous students who take several exams throughout their high school career. "Advanced Placement courses are college level material that challenge students in terms of rigor," said Interim Principal Joy Kelly. "We are immensely proud of these recognized students and their teachers who prepared them for this level of excellence."

AP courses available to Bettendorf High School students have also steadily increased over the last six years. Currently, students can choose from 17 AP courses at BHS including: American Government, Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Economics, English, European History, Human Geography, French, German, Music Theory, Physics, Psychology, Spanish, Statistics, and Studio Art.