BHS to Host 10th Annual Trebuchet Competition - April 21

BHS to Host 10th Annual Trebuchet Competition - April 21

Apr 18, 2017

Bettendorf High School students will be competing with their peers from Pleasant Valley, North Scott, Moline High, and Durant schools in a trebuchet contest Friday, April 21. Each team’s challenge will be to assure their trebuchet launches accurately and consistently. The trebuchets will be tossing large raw eggs at targets 75’, 100’ and 125’ away. This year points will be given for long tosses as well.

A point system has been calculated for different points awarded for closer ranges. The ultimate goal is to hit the bull’s-eye. Other points will be awarded for design presentations judged by Quad City Engineers. Beginning at 8:30 am at Bettendorf High School teams will test their trebuchet designs by tossing eggs.

Each of the 37 student teams will be given four shots at each target using raw large eggs, two of the four will be counted as scoring shots. Each team has 30 minutes to complete their effort. The scoring - Bull's eye -10pts, 10' circle -8pts, 20' circle -6pts, 30' circle -3pts. Trophies will be awarded for the top three point getters, most innovative design, as well as longest toss.

In addition to the event, teams will also be throwing for distance after the target shots. Each team will have two chances for bragging rights of the longest throw of the day.

We had a great crowd last year and expect another for this year with a great hillside view of all the events. Ten to twelve Quad City Engineers will be judging the event. All are welcome.

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