BHS Students Pass Goethe Institut Exams

BHS Students Pass Goethe Institut Exams

Sep 06, 2018

BHS student who passed Goethe Exams

Back row - Nicolas Elias, Lucas Bowe, Natalie Zanella, Cooper Dittmer, Peter Whitmer, Olivia Lewis, Luke Wareham, Maddie Hughes
Front row - Aiden Goerdt, Luke Gaydos, Kaitlyn Anderson
Middle row - Sophie Tidrick, Maisy Ploessl, Kira Rohwer, Hannah Uhrich, Marina Snyder, Shyann Farley
Not pictured: Ethan Buettner (graduated), Mary Gehrmann (graduated), Brissa Dalburg (absent)

Last May officials from the Goethe Institut (an extension of the Foreign Service branch of the German government) came to Bettendorf High School and tested German II and German IV students for the A1 and A2 Goethe Examinations. Twenty-one students who took the A1 passed. Three students who took the A2 passed. These students were issued certificates that are lifelong and prove the student's language ability.

With these certificates, students can advance their careers with German companies looking for employees who have German competency skills. Some German companies that Americans may be familiar with are Bayer, Siemens, BMZ, Adidas, Puma, Aldi, etc. These certificates also pave the way for students who would like to study at a German university where tuition is free.