SCRA Funded CNC Router Helps Support BHS Industrial Tech Program

SCRA Funded CNC Router Helps Support BHS Industrial Tech Program

Nov 08, 2018

Zachary Jaeger using the CAMaster Stinger II CNC Router

Thank you to the Scott County Regional Authority for awarding the high school a grant for the router.

The Industrial Technology Department at Bettendorf High School has always pushed to stay current with what students will encounter once they leave high school and enter the workforce. The CAMaster II Stinger CNC Router is no exception to that. We really appreciate that any student can use it no matter what their skill level is, from programming and engraving a drip well around their cutting board for Woods I, or scanning in a custom logo they designed out of their initials from Auto CAD; and milling out material so they may epoxy over a metal inlay in a desk for Woods II.

We have even used the machine in our Materials & Processes class to mass produce Key holders, cutting boards, and coasters. We can cut wood, plastics, imitation stone, thin gauge metals, the sky is the limit. We have just scratched the surface of what students can do with this machine. I had a student approach me about scanning his face and making a 3D bust of himself, but the technology and the skillset behind it are the same, no matter what the material. CNC Technology is an integral part of our future, and I for one am thankful that I get to be apart of teaching it.

Joe Phillips
Industrial Technology Teacher

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