BHS to Host Cardboard Boat Regatta – May 17

BHS to Host Cardboard Boat Regatta – May 17

May 14, 2019


Students from Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley, Moline, Central, & North High Schools will test cardboard boat designs at a regatta cardboard boat competition on Friday, May 17 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Bettendorf Middle Park Lagoon. The Quad City Engineering and Science Council will be judging the event and giving out awards. Five schools and 80+ students will be competing this year. The 40 or more boats will be on display at 9 am at the lagoon shelter. Administrators and teachers will also square off with their designed boats. This will happen around high noon.

Regatta Cardboard Boat Race

Problem: To build a one-man vessel made from the construction of cardboard. It must be maneuverable and stay afloat for approximately 600 yards.


1. The boat must be constructed solely of cardboard including any means of powering boat. (Ex: Paddles, oars, paddle wheels etc.)

2. The exception to this rule is in the joints of the boat. Any type of fasteners or adhesive can be used in the joint area as long as it doesn’t increase the structural integrity of the boat. In other words the reasoning for the fastener is to seal joints and connect cardboard. Not to reinforce the boat!

3. The boat can be made waterproof with any liquid water sealing as long as it does not increase the structural integrity. No covering boat with duct tape, plastic, or fiberglass. Paints, water sealers and water sealants are acceptable.

4. The boats will be timed from launching point until the return to the launching point.

5. Students will be disqualified if any part above their elbows and any part above their knees enter the water during the course of the race. Students can maneuver boat with hands and feet as long as it does not exceed body parts described above.

6. Boats will be displayed and checked by judges in front of the shelter at Lagoon Middle Park.

7. All operators must wear a life jacket that will be supplied in order to compete.

8. Any questions concerning rules must be clarified by race day.

9. Transportation of boats will be worked out with individual schools.

10. Removal and cleanup of boats is the responsibility of boat owners and individual schools.

11. Students must be ready to launch boat at their designated times or could be subject to disqualification.

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