Check out these scholarship opportunities to help BHS students with their education beyond high school.

Miscellaneous Scholarships
Updated 1-31-18

Local Scholarships


Selection Criteria:

    • The Student must be registered as an official member of the International Thespian Society.
    • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
    • Be a graduating Senior.
    • Planning to Major or Minor in Some aspect of the Performing Arts, Technical Theatre, or Theatre Education.

    Applications due April 13, 2018


The Mark Brooks Scholarship was initiated and is funded by the Bettendorf Athletic Booster club in honor of the former Bettendorf Athletic Director. Two $500 scholarships are awarded each year, one to a senior boy and one to a senior girl.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • GPA of 3.0+ cumulative through 7 semesters.
    • Active participant in BHS sports and/or activities.
    • Active participant in activities outside of school (community service, church, or other volunteer activities).
    • Be of good moral character and model a high level of school spirit and sportsmanship in all endeavors.

    Applications due April 8, 2018


This one, $500 scholarship is open to Bettendorf High School graduating seniors. This scholarship is offered by the Bettendorf Education Association (BEA) to applicants who are definitely planning a career in education . The BEA Scholarship may be used at any post-secondary institution as long as a career in education is pursued.

With this application also include (1) a well-written, thoughtful essay discussing why you wish a career in education and (2) a high school transcript.

Application deadline is April 6, 2018


    • A universal application to be filled out for most of the scholarships that you apply for thru the BHS Foundation.
    • Please read scholarships carefully and follow all instructions.
    • Turn in all information to Mrs. Henson in Student Services (563) 332-7005 when completed.

    Applications due April 6, 2018


Each will have its own application

Friends of BHS Theatre Scholarship – $500


This is an application for a one-time scholarship to a school of the applicant’s choice. It will be awarded to a graduating senior who resides in either the Bettendorf or Pleasant Valley School District (regardless of where they attend) and who will be entering college or vocational school in the Fall of 2015.

The award’s criterion is primarily based on community involvement and leadership. Two scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $500 each. Feel free to attach additional sheets to provide complete answers to the questions.

Application Deadline is April 8, 2018


Eligibility: Students must meet the following two requirements

    • Attend Bettendorf High School, Rivermont Collegiate or Morningstar Academy; or, if attending a different area High School (i.e. Pleasant Valley High School, Assumption High School, one of the Davenport High Schools, home schooled), have a Bettendorf street/mailing address (excluding p.o. boxes).
    • Be on track to graduate in the spring of 2016.

Selection Criteria:

    • This is a non-need based scholarship program open to any student meeting the eligibility requirements.
    • Criteria to be considered include academic performance, extracurricular activities, community involvement and general character.
    • Winners chosen will best represent the mission and goals of the Lions Club.
    • Selection is at the sole discretion of the Bettendorf Lions Club.

    Applications due March 15, 2018


The main criterion is that they have had to have participated in our program for 6 years. That includes any combination of Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony, Colt, or Diamond Kings. It is not required that they played high school ball. They also must be furthering their education whether it be at a 4-year school, community college, or trade school.

They must be a student in good standing with the school, grade point signed by their advisor, a short essay on how baseball has affected their lives.

Please return completed application to Mrs. Henson in the Guidance office.

Applications due April 1, 2018


Please attach a short (no longer than one page) statement which includes:

    • What you gained from the Bettendorf Wrestling Program.
    • Whether or not you will continue with wrestling after high school.
    • Which college/technical school you plan to attend.
    • What you course of study will be.

Please bring completed applications to Mrs. Henson in Student Services.

Applications due March 30, 2018


The Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation (BCS Foundation) recognizes and shall award the BILL AND ALICE MARY MEIER SCHOLARSHIP in accordance with the following guidelines:

    • The Scholarship is in memory of Bill and Alice Mary Meier, whose three children all are graduates of Bettendorf High School.
    • Applications must be received by the Bettendorf High School Student Services by May 5, 2017
    • The award is a non-renewable $1,100 scholarship.
    • The recipient must be a graduating senior who exhibits a strong commitment to community service and citizenship.
    • The recipient must demonstrate financial need. Expected Family Contribution from the student’s FAFSA, the College Statement of Fees and Costs, and the Final College Financial Aid Letter.
    • The Bettendorf High School scholarship selection committee shall select the scholarship award recipient and notify the BCS Foundation of its decision.

Applications due May 4, 2018


Qualifications for Applicants:

    • Be a graduating senior at Pleasant Valley Community High School or Bettendorf High School
    • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 after seven semesters of high school.
    • (Submit a transcript of credits reflecting seven semesters of work.)
    • Exemplify Carl Schillig's spirit and interests.
    • Plan to attend a two-year or four-year college upon graduation.

The scholarship is a tuition scholarship and will be paid directly to the institution. A personal interview will be required for semi-finalists. The $4,000 scholarship will be granted over a four-year period in the amount of $1,000 per year.

Applications due April 6, 2018


The Chick-fil-A Davenport Scholarship was initiated and is funded by Chick-fil-A Davenport in honor of its commitment to community involvement and passion for furthering education. The scholarship is valued at $1,000 dollars and will be given to one senior student for future education.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • GPA of 3.0+ cumulative through 7 semesters.
    • Active participant in school activities such as clubs and/or sports.
    • Active participant in activities outside of school (community service, church, or other volunteer activities).
    • Has a servant heart while demonstrating strong leadership skills.

    Applications due April 13, 2018

Class of 1936 Scholarship

    • Write about yourself, your interests, home and family, future education and vocation plans.
    • List the high school activities in which you have participated. Indicate leadership positions and
    • year they were held, and/or any honors received for each activity.
    • List any activities, in which you are involved, outside school (i.e. community service,
    • church organizations, employment).


A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be given annually to a Bettendorf High School senior student-athlete in honor of the late Denny Thiessen. The award will be given directly to the student at the Senior Awards Assembly who best exemplifies the characteristics of the former Bettendorf teacher and coach.

Denny Thiessen was a teacher, coach and good friend for 18 years in the Bettendorf School District from 1970-1988. During his tenure at Bettendorf High School and Bettendorf Middle School, Mr. Thiessen taught speech and social studies and coached baseball and basketball, coaching the Bettendorf varsity boys basketball team to its first-ever state championship in 1986. He touched the lives of hundreds of students with his passion for life, commitment to excellence, and a sense of humor that everyone appreciated. Mr. Thiessen always found time to go out of his way to talk to students and make them feel welcomed. Mr. Thiessen died of a stroke in 2001.

Applications due April 6, 2018


This scholarship was created by the family of Foster Atwood in order to provide a financial scholarship to students of good character. This one-time $1,000 scholarship will be awarded any senior that plans to further his or her education in a field that aims to help others live a better life.

    • Student in senior standing
    • 2.5 or higher GPA
    • Aspiration of wanting to fulfill a career of helping others (medical, psychology, law enforcement, etc.)

    Application due March 9, 2018


The Rankin Family’s goal is to select a recipient who most closely exemplifies the personal qualities which made Molly the incredible person we love and whose memory we honor. Those qualities include generous spirit, infectious enthusiasm for life and understanding the importance of giving to others. These qualities were evidenced by the numerous friendships Molly shared with a wide variety of people during her life. The ability to reach out to others and establish sincere, strong friendships is a very valuable quality that reaches far beyond Molly, as an individual, to benefit others and the community around her. Molly taught all those who knew and loved her a lot about what it means to truly be a friend. The goal of the Rankin Family is to award this scholarship to another person who understands these same lessons.

The award is based upon the qualities Molly personified that demonstrate and define sincere friendship. These qualities include, but are not limited to: sincerity, compassion, generosity, a fun-loving spirit, trust, reaching out to others to make a difference in their lives, a desire to leave the world a better place. Applications due March 29, 2018


Art scholarship of $1,000 to be awarded to a BHS senior.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • Minimum GPA 2.5
    • Student has taken at least 5 art courses
    • Recommendation Letter: 1 recommendation letter from a teacher outside of the art department or an employer that speaks to his/her character
    • ESSAY: How has art made an impact in your life so far and how has it shaped your plans for the future?

    Applications due April 6, 2018


Bettendorf Kiwanis are now accepting applications for a one-time scholarship to a school of the applicant’s choice. Scholarships will be awarded to a graduating senior who resides in either the Bettendorf or Pleasant Valley School District (regardless of where they attend) and who will be entering college or vocational school in the fall of 2017. The award’s criterion is primarily based on leadership and community involvement. Two scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $500 each.


This scholarship, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bettendorf, is intended to provide tuition and/or textbook assistance for one graduating senior from each of the following schools:

    • Bettendorf High School
    • Pleasant Valley High School
    • Rivermont Collegiate

In addition, a Non-Traditional Student enrolling at Scott Community College will also be selected to receive a Scholarship. (A Non-Traditional student is defined as an individual who has been out of high school for several years and who has later enrolled in a college degree or certificate program.

Each recipient will receive a $1,000 one-time, non-recurring award, disbursed directly to their college; award funds are not disbursed to the student. For those recipients who are graduating from high school, it is your responsibility to inform your school advisor where you enroll for college. This is necessary because we need to know where to forward your award funds.


This scholarship is offered to graduating seniors at a high school where a Shelter Insurance Agent is actively participating in the Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship Program.

Applications due April 4, 2018


This $500 scholarship was established by the family of Tyler Ledezma. Tyler was killed in a single vehicle car accident on July 30th, 2010 due to not wearing his seatbelt. He was just 16 years old. He was only going 30 mph, so we know that if he had been wearing his seatbelt he would still be with us here today.

Tyler enjoyed being with his family and loved playing baseball. He was not an "All Star", but made up for what he lacked in ability with his passion for the game, determination, work ethic and a huge heart. He collected all MLB hats and followed all teams. He wore all of the hats except the Cardinals, because he believed a true Cub fan would never wear anything from the Cardinals.

Eligibility Criteria:

    • Student/Athlete
    • Demonstrates hard work
    • Tries to the best of their ability in academic studies
    • Willing to help others
    • Will attend college
    • Willing to sign a SEATBELT Pledge
    • Willing to donate 2 hours at our Buckle Up Memorial Tournament on June 12th-14th