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Bettendorf Community School District has transitioned to an 1:1 environment at Bettendorf High School. Ongoing training of staff on technology integration has centered around the characteristics of effective instruction outlined in the Iowa Core Curriculum. Teachers have been learning best practices in instruction and how technology can be integrated to enhance learner outcomes.

Through technology integration students will:

  • Develop high levels of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills to make them successful in the 21st century.
  • Be immersed in a rigorous and relevant curriculum that will prepare them for life after high school.

Parental Strategies

Talking with your teenagers about digital safety.

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Books to Help Inform Parents About Their Teenagers & the Digital Age

  • Talking Back to Facebook: A Common Sense Guide To Raising Kids in the Digital Age by James P. Steyer
  • Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age by Robin M. Kowalski
  • 3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive: Lessons for Surviving the First Year of Driving by Anne Marie Hayes
  • Teenagers and Technology (Adolescence and Society) by Chris Davies
  • The Parent's Guide to Texting, Facebook, and Social Media: Understanding the Benefits and Dangers of Parenting in a Digital World by Shawn Marie Edgington
  • Cyberbullying Prevention and Response: Expert Perspectives by Justin W. Patchin
  • Cybertraps for the Young by Frederick S. Lane
  • lol...OMG!: What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying by Matt Ivester
  • I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy by Lori Andrews
  • The Digital Divide: Arguments for and Against Facebook, Google, Texting, and the Age of Social Networking by Mark Bauerlein
  • Safe Text - Protecting Your Teen from the Dangers of Texting (Protecting Teens from the Dangers of Technology and the Internet) by Diane Griffin