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BHS Teacher IPad Apps Request Process Information

iPad App Request: Student | Teacher

If there are additional apps that teachers would like to have installed on the iPads, that are of cost, please fill out the form above.

Teachers can electronically complete the iPad App Request Form and submit it to their team leader along with an attached class roster pdf from Infinite Campus if purchasing apps for students.

Team leaders will review and electronically submit the form to the building teacher librarian, LeAnne Wagner and Associate Principal, Kristy Cleppe. Please include any information that may be pertinent to share about the app. Online reviews of apps would be helpful. App Request Forms are to be submitted to the Building Teacher Librarian Tricia Chicosz and Associate Principal Kristy Cleppe by 4 p.m. on Monday afternoons.

The Teacher Librarian and Associate Principal will review the requests and determine whether or not to purchase them.

If an app is approved, the Instructional Technology Coordinator, Jennifer Like, will purchase the apps and make them available to teachers and students by Friday of the same week requested or within five instructional days.

iPad Review Sites

Below is a list of links to sites to help you discover new apps to use with the iPads.
Remember to fill out the iPad apps form if you are interested in one of these apps being downloaded.

Another site, divided up by subject and categories, that reviews educational apps.
Mac WorldMac WorldHas a variety of apps reviewed and explained on this site.
Live BindersThis site is an online binder that represents tech info/help on many topics...including iPads and apps
iPad Apps Review OnlineThis site reviews the latest apps, accessories and news online
iOS TeacherThis blog is a teacher maintained site (English as a Second Language). It's a place to share information about apps she has found that have a place in the classroom.
iPads for EducationThis site contains information from a school's experience using iPads, including specially selected apps, classroom ideas and technical tips.