Student Spotlight

Recognizing students for outstanding achievement, improvement in a course, display of character, and leadership.

Students are nominated by Bettendorf High School faculty for their outstanding achievement, improvement in a course, display of character, and/or leadership. The awardees are also honored at special recognition breakfast hosted twice a year.


4th Quarter Award Winners


Back row: Dylan Welsh, Phillip Jackson III, Brant Mueller, and Kassidy Sutherland
Front row: Chloe Johnson and Sophia Utsinger
Not pictured: Austin Reeves

Administration – Phillip Jackson III (11th grade)
Business – Brant Mueller (12th grade)
Social Studies – Austin Reeves (10th grade), Sophia Utsinger (9th grade)
Vocal Music – Kassidy Sutherland (12th grade)
World Languages – Chloe Johnson (11th grade), Dylan Welsh (11th grade)

3rd Quarter Award Winners


Back row: Breanna VerMeer, Madison Watkins, Kaylee Cornwell, and Tabitha Belcher
Front row: Mitch Winterlin, Abagail Saathoff, Kristin Boyler, and Elizabeth Park
Not pictured: JR Baker and Connor Steele

Administration – Madison Watkins (12th grade)
Science – JR Baker (11th grade)
Math - Tabitha Belcher (11th grade) and Breanna VerMeer (10th grade)
Language Arts - Kristin Boyler (10th grade) and Mitch Winterlin (10th grade)
Art – Kaylee Cornwell (11th grade)
Physical Education – Elizabeth Park (11th grade)
Music – Abigail Saathoff (11th grade), Connor Steele (11th grade)

2nd Quarter Award Winners


Back row: Logan Zweifel, Jacob Corzette, Sarah Canfield
Front row: Jaida Briggs, Erin Hatch, Dena Pyevich, Garet Crouse

Administration - Jacob Corzette (12th grade)
Student Services - Jaida Briggs (12th grade)
World Languages - Sarah Canfield (11th grade), Dena Pyevich (10th grade)
Business – Garet Crouse (12th grade)
Social Studies – Erin Hatch (12th grade)
Music - Abigail Saathoff (11th grade), Logan Zweifel (12th grade)

1st Quarter Award Winners


Back row: Emilie Gist, Carter Furness, and Roger Wittmer
Front row: Paige Terronez, Jon’a Levi, and Zoe Allert
Not pictured: Emily Kidwell and Grace McGee

Art - Paige Terronez (11)
Family and Consumer Science - Jon’a Levi (10)
Language Arts - Zoe Allert (11), Emily Kidwell (12)
Math – Carter Furness (9)
Physical Education - Emilie Gist (11)
Science - Grace McGee (12), Roger Wittmer (12)