Student Spotlight

Recognizing students for outstanding achievement, improvement in a course, display of character, and leadership.

Students are nominated by Bettendorf High School faculty for their outstanding achievement, improvement in a course, display of character, and/or leadership. The awardees are also honored at special recognition breakfast hosted twice a year.


4th Quarter Winners


Back row: Zach Berntgen, Terry Donohoo, Carter Wolf
Middle row: Parker Knight, Zander Eckermann, Layken Bytnar
Front row: Zoe Allert, Sydney Stout, Alexandria Uhrich, Hope Fadiga
Not pictured: Lauren Fredell

BHS Administration - Parker Knight (12)
Art - Alexandria Uhrich (11)
Business - Zach Berntgen (11)
Music - Zander Eckermann (11), Carter Wolf (10)
Science - Terry Donohoo(12)
Social Studies - Sydney Stout (10), Hope Fadiga (10)
Student Services - Lauren Fredell (12)
World Language - Zoe Allert (12), Layken Bytnar (11)

3rd Quarter Winners


Back row: Greta Solbrig, Yash Sungh, Kelvin Mukosa, Jacob Crouch, Pete Sible
Front row: Will Jefferson, Maysun Sallak, Jaylen Cangas, Kaitlyn Brown

Art – Maysun Sallak (12)
Family & Consumer Science – Kaitlyn Brown (12)
Industrial Technology – Jaylen Cangas (12)
Math – Jacob Crouch (11), Greta Solbrig (11)
Physical Education – Kelvin Mukosa (12)
Science – Will Jefferson (12), Pete Sible (11), Yash Sungh (12)

2nd Quarter Award Winners


Back row: Connor Salsberry, Will Luebke, Charles Wray
Middle row: Gabriele Manion Elizabeth Park, Lauren Kress
Front row: Dakota Otts, Charlotte Barnes, Tiffany Le
Not pictured:
Aaron Ritter

Art - Dakota Otts (9)
Business - Lauren Kress (12)
Language Arts - Charles Wray (11)
Science - Elizabeth Park (12)
Social Studies - Tiffany Le (10), Connor Salsberry (9)
Student Services - Gabriele Manion (11)
Vocal Music - Will Luebke (11)
World Language - Charlotte Barnes (10), Aaron Ritter (11)

1st Quarter Award Winners


Back row: Alexis Opsal, David Schwartz, Babacar Niass, Madison Fuller
Front row: Sydnee Nicotri, Kaylien Perez
Not pictured: Zachary Jaeger, Sydney Hanson

Family and Consumer Science - Babacar Niass (12)
Industrial Technology - Zachary Jaeger (9)
Language Arts - Sydney Hanson (10), Sydnee Nicotri (9)
Math – Alexis Opsal (11), Kaylien Perez (9)
Physical Education - David Schwartz (11)
Social Studies - Madison Fuller (11)