Involving and empowering students to identify issues and concerns in their schools as well as providing students the opportunity to take action to address and resolve the issues they’ve identified.


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RSVP: Raising Student Voice & Participation

Raising Student Voice and Participation is a student organization with the following goals:

  • Involve and empower students to identify issues and concerns they see in their school and community
  • Provide students with opportunities to take action to address and resolve the issues they have identified
  • Provide leadership opportunities and experiences to a large number of students with diverse interests and backgrounds

All students will participate in RSVP by contributing to discussions in their homeroom Summits, and volunteering for further action on committees that are generated from student ideas.

More than 100 students will be trained to facilitate discussions in each homeroom. All facilitators from the previous year are invited to continue, providing us with between 50 - 75 students to begin in the fall. Additional new facilitators are recruited in the opening weeks of the school year. If you are interested, please see Mrs. Ahrens in room C362.

The Leadership Team is the core group of students who organize the facilitators training, work with the information collected at Summits, discuss issues with administration and other key officials in the district, and even provide RSVP training to other schools in the state. New members are recruited from experienced RSVP facilitators and through teacher recommendations for new freshman students.