Our School

Bettendorf High School is recognized for excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, and activities.

Office: (563) 332-7001 | Attendance: (563) 332-7000
Student Services: (563) 332-7005 | Activities/Athletics: (563) 332-4516
Registrar/Student Services & Nurse's Office - Fax: (563) 332-2326
Activities & Main Office - Fax: (563) 332-8761

Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4 pm

Breakfast: 7:50 am
Student Day: 8:15 am - 3:25 pm
Weekly Wednesday Early Release: 1:30 pm

Bettendorf High School is devoted to excellence and serves approximately 1,550 students. Students can also attend Edison Academy, the alternative high school program for Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley and North Scott high schools.

The current high school campus opened in 1973. Through long-term planning and vision, all academic areas of the high school have been renovated with structural and technological updates, creating a state of the art facility. These improvements facilitate unique and comprehensive learning opportunities for all students. The expansive, air conditioned high school features a landscaped inner courtyard, a state of the art planetarium, a spacious library and media center instructional area, 1:1 student chromebooks, student commons area, and a state-of-the-art 840 seat performing art center.

The other activities and athletic facilities include fine arts rooms, multiple gymnasiums, updated athletic field complex, Olympic sized swimming pool, and a fitness/weight training center.

Instructional Staff

The Bettendorf High School instructional staff consists of 95 teachers and one media specialist. The staff is supported by 5 counselors, a social worker and 40 support staff.


  • 68% of the instructional staff have master’s degrees
  • Average years of total teaching experience - 9

Bettendorf High School has a 4x4 Block Schedule - Link to curriculum

  • Students attend four 90 minute classes each day. Courses are 9 weeks or 18 weeks in length. Students with a block schedule may earn 8 credits per year. Mid-term reports are issued to students each quarter and final grades are given each 9 weeks. BHS also offers year-long courses in a 40-minute format.
  • A 4.0 grade scale is used. Nine-week courses receive .5 credits and 18-week courses receive 1.0 credit.
  • All instructors are available to provide individual assistance for students before school beginning at 7:30 am and after 3:20 pm.


Bettendorf High School supports a daily bell schedule to provide more opportunities for students to receive support, enrichment and other learning opportunities. The schedule will include PRIDE Time which was developed from a foundation of the following attributes: POISE, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DETERMINATION, and EXCELLENCE. This effort is to provide a multi-tiered system of support, during the school day for all students, enabling collaboration with teachers on current course work, participation in enrichment activities, access to academic support, or other services provided by staff and community. Students can choose their activity unless teachers have required them to attend for academic success. Learn more