BHS Student Earn Honors in Le Grand Concours

BHS Student Earn Honors in Le Grand Concours

May 09, 2021

Loukia Constantinides, Collier Fleming, Jack Cockayne, Kaelee Wolf, Sola Lau, Julisia Vallejo, and Amber Heppner

Eighteen Bettendorf High School students earned honors for high achievement on the National French Contest / Le Grand Concours.

In the state of Iowa,

  • Level 1E** - Collier Fleming placed 1st.
  • Level 2 - Chloe Davis placed 6th and Kaelee Wolf placed 4th.
  • Level 2E** - Madeleine Moran placed 4th, Julisia Vallejo and Sola Lau tied for 3rd, Amber Heppner placed 2nd, and Jack Cockayne placed 1st.
  • Level 3 - Laura Waggoner placed 10th and Sylvia Tank placed 5th
  • Level 3E** - Loukia Constatinides placed 2nd and Norah Harson placed 1st.
  • Level 4 - Sabrina Rinehart placed 9th.
  • Level 5 - Luke Wiley placed 10th, Natalie Naumann placed 9th, Cole Snyder placed 8th, and Rachel Witt placed 5th.
  • Level 5C* - Patch King placed 5th.

*Level C indicates that the student is a native speaker of the French language and was therefore in a tougher grading category.

**Level E indicates that the student has completed that level of French, but at the time of the Concours had not been in French class due to block scheduling.

Numerous other students placed in the top 20 for Iowa at various levels. Congratulations to all participants!

Laura Waggoner and Chloe Davis

Luke Wiley, Cole Snyder, Natalie Naumann, and Patch King

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