BHS Launching a Chapter of Gray Matters Collective

BHS Launching a Chapter of Gray Matters Collective

May 05, 2023


To kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, BHS will launch a chapter of the Gray Matters Collective, a partnership with a local nonprofit to raise awareness, provide support, and reduce the stigma of mental health issues through student-led chapters. #BettPride #BETTerTogether

There are currently 23 Gray Matters chapters at Illinois and Iowa Schools. Recently our staff Gray Matters Chapter Advisor & English teacher Paige Sheppard and BHS Social Worker Shelley Hilton-Cullum, along with a couple of student leaders, attended the end-of-the-year ceremony for the Gray Matters Collective. They were inspired by the stories of students from other districts and the adults who coordinate the Gray Matters Collective.

We are extremely grateful for Gray Matters Collective Board member Deanna Woodall and her family who are donating $500 to our BHS chapter to help us get started. The 3 adult Woodall children are BHS graduates. Thank you Woodall Family! Check out the Gray Matters Collective Social Media, and we encourage all students to keep an eye out for ways to get involved in our new chapter here at BHS. Lastly, if you are interested in ordering any Gray Matters merch, check out this link:

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