Kindergarten - Intro to the Planetarium

Pre-visit Activities:

Dot to Dot: This activity is a series of connect the dot worksheets that have kids practice using their imagination when visualizing stars in the sky. They are very easy and can also help with counting to 10.

Worksheet 1 | Worksheet 2

Topics Covered in the Show (Full Show Outline)

  • What is the planetarium and what do we do here?
  • What is in the sky during the day and night?
  • What causes day and night?
  • Cardinal directions and the stars.
  • Constellations and connecting the dots in the sky.

Post Visit:

Create a constellation: This activity is a series of worksheets that give kids a blank star field and allow them to find their own pictures. Students will generate a dot-to-dot picture from a random set of points. They can create their own connect-the-dots worksheet that another student could find.

Worksheet 1 | Worksheet 2