Financial Aid

Learn about your options for financial aid for opportunities beyond high school.

Any Junior Parents that missed the Financial Aid presentation on 4/22 can find a copy of a similar presentation at the following link. ICAN representative, Lupe Hernandez, is available one day a week in Davenport for appointments to help you with your FAFSA. You can set up an appointment by calling this number: (319) 423-7702. Our BHS Future Ready Coach, Haleigh Hoyt, is also available to help with questions or for appointments by calling 563-332-7005.

College Savings Iowa 529 Plan

Review to find out why College Savings Iowa provides one of the finest college savings plans available.

Federal Student Aid

Your source for free information from the US Department of Education on preparing for and funding education beyond high school.

FAFSA Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Iowa College Access Network - (319) 423-7702

Financial Aid, Scholarships & Student Loans 101 Course

LendEDU's 101 Course helps students, parents and graduates find the best ways to pay for college. Learn about financial aid, scholarships, and student loans.

The course contains 4 main sections with 22 short lectures and should not take any longer than about an hour and a half to complete. In addition, many of the lectures have videos embedded to help provide more information to students.

Iowa College Student Aid Commission

Every year thousands of Iowa students and families benefit from the services of the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. Iowa College Aid is a state agency that advocates for Iowa students and administers scholarship, grant, loan and related programs to help students finance education expenses at colleges and universities of their choice.