We welcome volunteers to help enhance our students' educational experience and to generate greater community involvement in our school.

Volunteer Application

Ellie Kloberdanz
Principal's Secretary
(563) 332-7001, ext. 6001

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We appreciate our community's support of our students.

Please complete the Volunteer Application to apply and drop it off at any of our school or district offices.

Volunteer Code of Ethics


Be warm, friendly, and courteous. Be positive and always support student efforts. Remember that each student learns individually at different rates and through different methods.


The teacher and students expect you to be there on schedule. Meet the commitment you have made. Give a 24-hour notice if you can’t be present.


Do not discuss students, grades, teachers, or problems outside of the classroom or offices. No student or staff member is to be the subject of negative, degrading, or uncomplimentary information disseminated outside the school environment. If you see a problem or receive information from a student that is concerning, you are required to contact the building administrator or the Volunteer Program Director.


The total experience of volunteering is to support teachers and students. It should be a rewarding and learning experience for everyone involved. Please be open and approach the appropriate school personnel with questions, concerns, or interpretations of policies or procedures.